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Young Entrepreneurs

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The past five years, Ideal Group’s Linzie Venegas and our college interns have taught an entrepreneurship class at Holy Redeemer Grade School in Southwest Detroit. The idea behind the six-week course is to introduce students to the fundamentals of marketing and provide an understanding of what it means to be an entrepreneur. This course reflects Frank Venegas, Chairman and CEO of Ideal Group, an entrepreneur himself. Frank’s hopes are to inspire and educate the youth on entrepreneurship; giving them the confidence to chase after their dreams.

At the beginning of the course students are allotted $25 for both their marketing campaigns and product inventory. Throughout the course, students learn about a variety of marketing concepts such as how to create the perfect logo, slogan, pitch, and sales. The students create their own advertisement boards that are used when pitching to their fellow classmates. The advertisement boards are created with drawings and illustrations created by team members. The teams pitch their products to first through eighth graders, with a goal of selling the most products. With friendly competition the students are driven to push for success.

“The Holy Redeemer Entrepreneurship program has reminded me that we were born with the ability to impact someone’s life. This is the third year I’ve been a part of this program. I love working with kids and being able to help further their education. Not only are they learning from us, but we are also learning from them. The energy and the ideas are endless!” says Alex Santori, Ideal Entrepreneurship Program Mentor.

Ideal Contracting is proud to be able to be part of this program and make an impact within the community and work one-on-one with Holy Redeemer’s students. We are so impressed by the brilliant and creative minds of the 4th grade class at Holy Redeemer!

“We appreciate the mentorship of the Ideal Marketing Department with our 4th grade Entrepreneur program. This program offers a fun way for our students to learn about economics, use math skills and communication skills in a collaborative setting.” Mary Beth Kiley, Principal of Holy Redeemer Grade School



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