Jun 13


Surpassing In Safety

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During a recent renovation project, Ideal Contracting worked to restore Building 31 East at the GM Milford Proving Grounds. There, during the first phase of construction, the site looked good and
made a good impression on the workers and site visitors. The site also passed all the weekly safety walk throughs, yielding no significant findings.

” This first phase was successfully completed without recording a single incident. This was a remarkable achievement given the fact that this first phase included dangerous and challenging activities such as asbestos removal, concrete, demolition, ceiling and HVAC removal. ” Jean Ndana, General Motors

Jean attributes that success to a number of reasons, including safety incorporation from the very beginning, anticipated hazard designs, adherence to the GM safe work practices, and good housekeeping throughout the process. Jean also congratulates all our employees and subcontractors’ employees assigned to the Building 31 East, 1st Floor Office Renovation Project for not only their daily hard work, alertness and oversight but also their contribution to the GM objective, “everybody goes home safe”. Safety has always been of the utmost importance at Ideal Contracting. As a team, we will continue to live, lead, and teach safety. Every incident, near miss, and injury can be prevented.


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