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Suicide In Construction: More Common Than You Think

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In recent years, the construction industry was amongst the highest in suicide rates of any occupation with some 1,250 workers a year taking their own lives. This unfortunate number is something we all need to work together to reduce.

The demands of the construction industry are very high and many of the following factors have led the industry to high suicide rates including:
• Travel (separating employees from their families)
• Fatigue
• Pressure to finish projects
• Poor working conditions
• Roles assigned are often isolating
• Periods of unsteady employment
• Sleep disruption
• Chronic pain caused by manual labor

Recognizing the warning signs of suicide can help prevent an unfortunate situation. As a manager, supervisor, or concerned peer you are in a position to provide help to others. Understanding the triggers of stress that can lead to depression, suicidal thoughts, and feelings can be the difference between life or death.

Warning signs of suicide include:
• Increasing the use of alcohol or drugs
• Acting anxious, agitated, or reckless
• Withdrawing from normal situations
• Displaying extreme mood swings
• Self-isolation
• Talking about wanting to die or kill oneself
• Talking about feeling hopeless or having no purpose
• Talking about feeling trapped or unbearable pain

Ideal Contracting is committed to the well being of everyone. If you need help in dealing with suicide, please reach out to a team member we would be happy to help. If you would be more comfortable talking to someone privately the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24/7 at 1-800-273- 8255. If you are interested in learning more about suicide prevention, Ideal Contracting will be hosting a Suicide Awareness training on September 26th, please speak with a member of the Ideal Contracting Management Team to learn more. Suicide in the construction industry is real concern that together we can overcome.



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