Feb 17


Scaffold Safety

Category: Toolbox Talks
Scaffolding is a crucial aspect to many construction jobs, whether working from it or erecting it, knowing the safe work practices is extremely important. Understanding scaffold safety will prevent many unnecessary injuries on the job. Some good scaffold safety tips are:
•If working at or above 6’, all scaffold must have a handrail(42”) , a mid-rail(21”), and a toe board on all four sides. If any of those components are missing, 100% tie-off will be required. Be sure your harness is inspected daily before use, the legs straps are tight and the D-ring is between your shoulder blades.

• Always use a line to transport tools and materials to the working level. Hand carrying tools negates the three points of contact and can create a fall hazard. Never use wire handled buckets to lift anything to and from the scaffold instead use bolt bags, secured to a line or similar means.

•Have a trained scaffold builder add or remove any parts in your way. What appears as a small piece could actually be an integral part of the scaffold and removing it could cause a collapse.

•Inspect scaffolds daily and at the change of each shift to ensure no changes have been made. Ladders should have two brackets a piece and the bolts should be checked regularly, ladders must also extend 36” above the platform, gates should swing inward and not have a gap between the gate and the scaffold itself. The base of the ladder should have a landing 18”x18” min. at the base. Thinking about scaffold safety is one way to help make sure everyone goes home safe at the end of the day.



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