Promedica Hickman Hospital

At a glance

Project Overview:

Ideal Contracting self-performed the structural and miscellaneous steel for the new three-story hospital, consisting of over 1,000 tons of structural steel.  The ProMedica Hickman Hospital was the first project Ideal utilized SidePlate connections, which completely eliminated the need for permanent vertical bracing.  As a result, productivity was increased and erection safety was improved.  To guarantee the new process was successful, careful rigging practices were needed to protect the beams from rolling when erected.  The SidePlate connections helped expedite the plumbing activities and detailing time by minimizing the number of welded connections.


To compensate for the unpredictable Michigan weather, the Ideal team and subcontractors worked overtime, allowing for the project to be completed on-time.  Underground piping was installed prior to Ideal being on-site, which created multiple logistical constraints.  To avoid conflict with the piping, Ideal carefully planned out crane paths and strategically placed crane mats over underground pipes.  These adjustments allowed for both Ideal Contracting and other subcontractors to continue to work simultaneously.


Ideal Contracting performed and completed all work with zero safety incidents, ensuring everyone went home safely.

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