Feb 8


Preventing Chemical Reactions

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How can we Prevent this in the Future:

•Ensure you have the latest, most up to date, Safety Data Sheet (SDS)- and check it for hazards

•There are 16 sections in an SDS containing valuable information like what PPE to wear, how to fight a fire involving this material, what the physical properties of this material are, and what this material will react with!

•Check the label for hazards.  All containers should have a label to help you tell what the contents might do

•Always keep different waste types separate

Like to like- begin by checking the SDS to ensure you know you aren’t putting incompatible materials together

Check the reactivity section and physical properties section of the SDS

•Make sure waste is stored in the correct container

•Flammables go in special containers and get stored in special areas

When in a large volume, flammable waste such as rags, get stored in special containers!



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