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How dangerous is your workplace?

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Every day we come to work and safety is a part of it. The importance of safety is expressed to you from multiple levels. It may be your superintendent, foreman, site safety manager, the vice presidents or even the owner of Ideal Contracting. Have you ever wondered why? Apart from the fact that Ideal Contracting values the work every employee does, this company considers you family and we want each of you to return home every day. So the question I have for you is: Have you ever thought about how difficult it is to get you home, based on the industry you work in?

Here are some statistics for you to consider:
1. 1 in 10 construction workers are injured every year
2. Over a 40 year career in construction the odds of a worker dying are 1 in 200
3. In 2015 4836 workers were killed on average that is 93 a week and 13 a day
4. Of those 4836 workers 21% of them were construction workers. That is 937 deaths or 1 in 5 of
all workplace deaths are contributed to construction work. The leading categories resulting in
deaths are
 Falls-364
 Struck by-90
 Electrocutions -81
 Caught between-67
5. Falls are the leading cause of death in construction and the most violated OSHA
standard in the fall protection standard.
6. Statistically the highest injury rate in construction is associated with the Ironwork trade.

This small sample of data paints a very dangerous picture of the industry we all work in, and the challenges we face together when it comes to your safety. It is important for each one of you to take ownership of your safety day to day. There are many resources within Ideal contracting none more important than each one of you conducting the work. We want to work with you to protect our greatest assets…YOU…OUR FAMILY!!



Jul 12


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