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Most people don’t realize it, but according to OSHA, one of the main reasons accidents happen on
the job is because of workplace housekeeping. Some people think it’s a waste of time to keep your
work area clean but if you spend just a few minutes picking up, you might keep someone from
slipping or tripping. You could prevent an injury that could keep them off work for days, weeks, or
even months. Taking five minutes to keep your work area clean to save missing work, it’s a good
investment. Next time, it could be YOU who gets hurt.

Housekeeping is everyone’s job – every trade, every worker, and every supervisor. It’s a job you
should do everyday, not just once a week or when the project is over. Good housekeeping does more
than prevents injuries. It can save time and it can keep your tools from being lost, damaged, or

What can you do to prevent slips, trips, and falls?

• If you see a mess, take care of it. Don’t wait for someone else to clean it up. Pick up anything
you see lying around.
• If you find someone’s tools or equipment, move them out of the way. Put them somewhere safe but
• Immediately clear scrap and debris from walkways, passageways, stairs, scaffolds, and around
floor openings.
• Keep storage areas and walkways free of holes and obstructions.
• Clean up spills of grease, oil, or other liquids at once. If it’s not possible, cover them with
sand or some other absorbent material until they can be cleaned up to prevent anyone from slipping.
• Coil up extension cords, lines, welding leads, hoses, etc. when not in use.
• Make sure there’s adequate lighting. If a light is out, report it. Replace it immediately if you
• Watch the weather closely and monitor both interior and exterior walkways.
• Keep exit paths free from obstructions
• Don’t run or jump on or off work platforms or loading docks to maneuver around materials.
• Don’t carry anything that’s large enough to obstruct your view when walking.
• Stack materials and supplies orderly and secure them so they won’t topple.
• Do you value your health and safety, your work reputation, as well as your future employment? If
you do, practice these general housekeeping rules.

Remember, our actions can have a significant impact on others. A clean and orderly workplace
and makes everyone’s work environment more pleasant.



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