Jun 28


Health and Wellness at Ideal Contracting

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Ideal Contracting has taken many steps to improve employee health and wellness by participating in the Humana Vitality Go365 program. Members of this program have access to a wide range of health and wellness resources, such as personalized dashboards, health coaching, healthy habit incentive programs, and preventive screenings. Employees can access their health profiles via smart phones or computers making it user-friendly and convenient. 

Since adopting the Go365 program, Ideal has made positive changes in the office. Several employees now have height-adjustable standing desks so they can stand or sit while they work, which helps improve productivity and prevents prolonged inactivity. Our recent office renovation includes a workout room equipped with treadmills, elliptical machines, medicine balls, dumbbells, weight benches, and a squat rack. Many employees are now using their lunch hour to stay active and get healthy!

The program encourages employees to maintain healthy habits outside the office as well. Weekly health and wellness tips are sent to employees to educate them on living a healthy lifestyle in the office and at home. Our “Healthy Selfie” competition, which encourages people to take a picture of themselves engaging in a healthy activity, whether it is exercising or eating a healthy diet, is another way we inspire each other to live a healthy lifestyle. Overall, this program has had a profound impact on the health and wellness of Ideal employees.  

Together we can continue to make work both productive and healthy!




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