Aug 4


Basic Safety for Parking Lots

Category: Toolbox Talks

Some of our parking lots that we have to access or walk through to get to the job areas, are big open spaces, others have blind spots in them whether it be vehicles or hills, guard shacks, etc., all of which we need to be aware of to maintain our Safety.

Pay extra attention to the speed limits as they change for certain areas of jobsite. When in doubt, if you don’t see a speed limit sign posted, assume that it is 10mph or less

Always maintain a safe distance between you and other vehicles or objects, such as equipment or barricading, lay down yards and door entrances. When you do approach another vehicle, wait for the wave or head nod before you proceed

When walking or driving or just the passenger in a vehicle, always keep your head on a swivel looking and listening for changes in view or sound. Become familiar with the sounds of the road and the jobsite( back-up sirens, horns, revving engines). You should approach every intersection as if there is a stop sign there.

Walking and talking is NOT allowed as soon as you are on client property. There are a number of things that could be distracting to us as workers. it is up to US to keep a clear head and a clear path of sight and sound. 



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