Aug 2


Basic Safety For Parking Lots

Category: Toolbox Talks

Most parking lots that we have to  access or walk through to get to the job site have blind spots that could contribute to injury or incident.  There are many hazards present in parking lots such as vehicles, hills, guard shacks, etc., and we need to be aware of them to prevent incidents and injuries.

  Always be aware of your speed on the jobsite. Speed limits constantly change on our project sites. When in  doubt, if you don’t see a speed limit sign posted, assume that it is 10mph or less.

  Always maintain a safe distance between you and other vehicles or objects. These objects include equipment, barricading, lay down yards and door  entrances. When you do approach another vehicle on a jobsite establish communication with the other vehicle and maintain the communication to avoid accidents.

  When walking, driving, or even sitting as a passenger in a vehicle, always  keep your head on a swivel looking and listening for changes. Become familiar with the sounds of the road and the  jobsite such as back-up sirens, horns, revving engines, etc.

  Walking and talking on your cell phone is NOT allowed on many of our customers property. It is always a good idea to stop and have your conversation. This helps avoid many potential trip and fall situations we encounter on a job site.

    There are multiple things that could be distracting to  us as workers in parking lots. It is up to each of us to keep a clear head and a clear path of  sight, sound, and travel. Do your part in keeping yourself and others safe in parking lots.



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