Aug 12


Traffic Safety

Category: Toolbox Talks
Construction workers who perform work on or near roadways are at greater risk of both fatal and non-fatal injuries when working near passing motorists and construction vehicles. Each year more than 100 workers are killed and over 20,000 are injured on and near roadways.

Steps To Prevent Accidents:
  1. Have a competent person knowledgeable and trained in traffic control measures review your setup.
  2. Consider completely closing off roadway, not just a lane. Also, remember concrete barriers are safer than plastic barrels.
  3. Use proper traffic control measures including: use of concrete barriers, reflective barricades, lighted warning signs, wearing of hi-viz reflective vests, providing plenty of lighting during low-light or night conditions. Also, provide flagmen with devices that increase their visibility to approaching vehicles. A tool that has proven effective is the lighted slow/stop paddle.
  4.  Areas shall include: advanced warning area; tapered transition area; buffer space; activity area; tapered termination area.
  5.  Have a supervisor or competent person evaluate the effectiveness of your traffic control setup.
  6.  When working near moving vehicles ALWAYS check before stepping out into their path of travel.



Sep 10


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