May 26


Roof Work TBT

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This is the time of the year for roof work. When involved in roofing work there are a lot of things to keep in mind.

•Make sure all Inspections have been done prior to lifts
•When lifting a load, always make sure the area is properly barricaded for all potential falling debris
•Always have a tag line on the load that is being hoisted to help assist in stabilization
•Make sure the crane has the proper size footing pads under it according to the ground that it sits on
•If picking and swinging over structures, make sure they have been vacated and have Ideal personnel there to verify
•When fueling, make sure it is being done over a containment pad that Ideal approved of before the start of job
•Inspect all rigging used daily
•Make sure there is proper storage of the rigging and the fuel containers
•If using a Fork Truck to do hoisting, make sure the brake has been put on and the wheels have been chocked. Select the proper rigging for the Fork Truck, do not rig anything to the Mast of Forks. If using straps or chokers a Fork Boom accessory with a centered Swivel Hook must be used to complete the job
•All Riggers, Signalmen, and Operators must have their cards on them to show proof
•Remember Roof work has 6’ edge rule, a 10’ edge rule for Power Operated Vehicles and 15’ edge rule for specific trade work , remember that different clients could have more stringent rules than OSHA
•Know your Exit Route in case of Severe Weather or Emergencies
Roof Work



Sep 10


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