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Operating a Lull

Category: Toolbox Talks
What should we do when operating a lull?

•Inspect your equipment prior to use.
•When operating inside a building, in tight areas, or when your vision is blocked, utilize a spotter.
•Plan your route of travel.
•Utilize other equipment on site such as a Kubota and utility cart when working in an area with height restrictions.
•When the forklift is parked, make sure the forks are flat on the ground, the controls set to neutral, and the parking brake has been applied.
•When traveling on roadways, have orange or an orange triangle on the back of the machine & observe all safety laws.
•Select the proper rigging for the fork truck, do not rig anything to the mask of forks.
•Follow the speed limit for your site. Site conditions may change your speed throughout the day ,so pay attention!
Safe Work Practices When Operating A Lull

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