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Hot Work “Burn” Permits

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A Hot Work “Burn” Permit is required for any temporary operation involving open flames, producing heat and/or sparks. This includes but is not limited to welding, burning, cutting, brazing, grinding, and soldering. The Hot Work Permit is a formal checklist completed by the Security Department of the site you are on to ensure that potential safety issues are addressed in the area. The work will not begin until the hot work permit is obtained. Such work can create heat (smoldering) and sparks, which could ignite nearby items unless they are protected.

Before Calling for a Hot Work “Burn” Permit, do the following:
  •  Sweep the floors clean. Check floors below, above and adjacent to the work to make sure there is no flammable or combustibles in the work zone. Make sure any holes in the floors are covered to keep any sparks or slag from entering the hole.
  •  Make sure flammable liquids, dust, lint, and oily deposits are removed.
  •  Ducts and conveyor systems should be protected or shut down to prevent sparks from being carried to other combustibles. Remove filters.
  •  All combustibles should be removed where possible; otherwise, area will be protected with fire resistant blankets or metal shields.
  •  An ABC 20 lb. fire extinguisher must be located next to where the work is being performed. Make sure you check the extinguisher and it is in good working order before starting any hot work. Check for the following on the extinguisher: annual inspection tag, pin is in place, gauge is in the green, and no physical damage.
  • A fire-watch is mandatory so plan your man power and work day to include this task in the area during and 30 Min. after the work is completed. The fire watch has to stay in the area the entire time the work is in progress. If they have to leave, the welder will have to stop and become the fire watch until the other person arrives back.
  • Make sure that when work is complete that you call Security to “Call Off” your hot work permit.



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