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Extension Cord Safety

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US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates 4,000 reported
injuries, with extension cords each year. Additional 3,300 incidents involve
residential fire,originating from extension cords.

What causes these injuries? Short circuits, overloading, damage and/ or
misuse of extension cords. Below you will find some tips for safe extension
cord use.

Extension Cord Safety
• DO NOT use extension cords as permanent wiring.
• DO NOT use if any electrical prong is missing. If missing
replace the entire plug.
• Use extension cords with a GFCI device.
• Even 120V can cause heart failure
• Use extension cords with correct rating for equipment
in use. Rule of thumb, the diameter of the extension
cord should be the same or bigger then the cord of the
• When cords are not in use, roll up and store out of
• Keep electrical cords away from areas where they may
be pinched or case tripping hazards (ex: doorways,
walkways, etc.)
• ALWAYS inspect cords prior to use!

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