Dec 23


Don’t Rush Safety

Category: Toolbox Talks
What can you do?
  •  Take 2- Take 2 minutes to walk the job, talk to everyone, and endure you know the action needed to do the job safely.
  •  SWZ – Safe Work Zone – Be prepared, Alert, Ready, Talking to yourself about hazards in your SWZ. 
  •  MOC – When there is a major change to work or a major hazard is identified with out a control-STOP!

How can you protect yourself & others?
  •  Consider your PPE and whether it protects you from the risks of the task
  •  What type of tool is needed to perform the job task. Is this the best tool for this job?
  •  Are you performing this job in the safest manner? Do you need a raised surface for cuts? Are you sliding your hands along materials that could give you slivers? Think of the what-ifs while performing the SWZ method.
  •  Be aware! If you are in a RUSH because of the cold, or if this is a “REAL QUICK” or “ THIS WILL ONLY TAKE A SECOND” – this is an indicator that you NEED to slow down! People that say things or think things like this often find themselves at the clinic with injuries. The next time you hear someone say something like “REAL QUICK” you should stop and take a look at what you are about to do- odds are it could use some more planning!



Sep 10


EMERGENCY EVACUATION DRILL PROCEDURES:All Ideal employees and our Subs are required during emergency EVAC drills to do the following:• Ensure fire protection equipment is operating properly.• Train employees on how...
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