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The importance of communication is unparalleled to any and all constructionjobs. Communication is important in developing relationships of trust and understanding in and out of the work field. There are multiple forms of communication. Identifying the best method for what matter(s) you’re trying to express is very important.

Here are a few pointers when choosing your method:
  •  Determine what’s the best line of communication and how to express yourself. Depending on the individual or audience, the method that you’re using may or may not be applicable to that audience.
  •  Be sure that your message is clear and precise. People have a tendency to read off a piece of  paper, monitor or some other source of literature producer, and not take notice to the people receiving the message. Be sure to put emphasis on vital information. Also, ask the question, “Does everyone understand?” Offer your time to speak privately with those that may be too shy or embarrassed to say they do not understand a certain matter.
  •  Stick to the facts. When being too wordy or opinionative, the facts that you stated are sometimes forgotten. Being blunt, yet thorough and most importantly professional has been a very successful method in the line of communication.
  •  Lastly, this applies to the listeners. Don’t just hear the message, listen! Paying attention to the message is the key line of communication. In many instances, this is the difference between injury and injury free. Most importantly, it could easily be the difference between life and death.



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EMERGENCY EVACUATION DRILL PROCEDURES:All Ideal employees and our Subs are required during emergency EVAC drills to do the following:• Ensure fire protection equipment is operating properly.• Train employees on how...
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