About Ideal Contracting

Ideal Contracting, LLC., a union minority general contractor, was formed in 1998 as a partnership between Frank Venegas, Jr. and Barton Malow. Headquartered in the Hispanic Manufacturing Center, within Southwest Detroit, Ideal Contracting has developed a respected reputation for quality, safety and service in the construction industry.

Ideal Contracting’s standard for customer service is based upon our commitment to our customers and safety. Ideal Contracting maintains the highest level of communication throughout the project process. Construction schedule, safety, quality requirements, and budgetary constraints are always our number one priority on every project.

Ideal Contracting’s ability to plan, manage and execute the work with our own talented staff provides our clients with preferred pricing, exceptional quality and rapid project completion. Ideal Contracting’s philosophy and corporate value system stresses Safety and Quality as an absolute. No Exceptions!

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